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So, life tootles along, and suddenly you find yourself at this incredible age that is weirdly labelled “Middle Age”, although your inner child is still playing hopscotch and building fantasy castles in the sand.

Kerry queen of the fairies (2)
Me (left), my cousin Shane (centre) and sister Kerry (right)…we haven’t said goodbye to those cute kids.  They’re very much a part of us at this grand ol’ “Middle Age”.

And in a quiet moment of reflection inspired by possibly some stressful experience (which you, no doubt, will experience in this modern age) you ask yourself “What do I have to show for it?”.

Well, you could start by totting up a list with all the things that you lovingly own:  a car, a home in some form or other, a bed, a few plates, a couple of mugs, a dog etc.  The list could get very long depending on your monthly wage or salary and the size of your family, or remain short and simple based on your conscious choices to reject materialism from your life.

Or you could have embraced a saintly life, making the world a better place and bringing joy and happiness to children and adults alike by just being you, without the list of things to seemingly add worth and value to you as a human being.  In that case, I want to be just like you when I grow up.

But there’s something else.  Something else that fits into a sub-category of a type of personality that you may be.  It can set you apart from the ‘normal’ folk who live and breath in this world.  This special something can have absolutely no value to anyone else in the world but you, or be so in demand that you can actually create your own personally curated museum and people will be delighted to pay to come and view it.

This my precious peeps is called a collector.

meaning of collector
With thanks to Google Dictionary x

Collecting is a necessary and prehistoric activity.  Before man arrived on this luscious planet, every creature was (and still is) collecting food and materials for shelter to ensure their survival.  When man arrived, or transformed into what he is today (that statement is highly controversial depending on your religious or scientific views on how we arrived here, so I ask your forgiveness for any offence taken), collecting once again was required for his survival.  And yes, we have most definitely survived (actually also a controversial topic as we are most definitely killing ourselves and this sacred world off)….oh dear, take a breath!

So back to my story.  The centuries have passed and collecting (for humans that is) in many parts of the modern world has moved beyond the base level of Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs, and expanded into millions of different groups, assemblages and body’s of ‘things’  completely unique to each owner.

2014-01-12 09.36.03
My personal collection of perfume bottles, vintage and current.

If you’re confused and not sure that you fall into this sub-category, here are some questions to inspire you:

  • Are you driving your family crazy as you have every vessel in your home filled with frosty sea glass from every walk you’ve ever taken on the beach?
  • Are you a complete and utter foodie, hence your beautiful collection of glass jelly jars on your wall which you have lovingly scoured every second hand and vintage market for?
  • Are you a sailing nut (no offence intended), hence your exquisite collection of ancient buoys, oars and ropes, beaten by the elements that are now decorating your lounge?
  • Are you a gardening enthusiast, hence your gorgeous collection of rusty, vintage gardening tools passed down from generations of people who experience ‘heaven’ when their hands are deep in Mother Earth’s soil?
  • Or are you an avid collector of heart shaped stones requiring dedicated ‘eyes to the ground’ whenever you are out in nature?
  • Or (like me) are you dedicated to collecting a wall full of angel inspired images that honour religion and spirituality in all it’s forms.
DSCF7201 - Copy
My angel wall including pieces I’ve bought and have been given as gifts.

You could be a collector of high value items.

  • Is it you that has a collection of vintage Aston Martin’s in your underground temperature controlled garage that no-one gets to see but you?
  • Are you the art collector known all around the world for your relentless passion for unique artworks which you store in your own internal home gallery?
  • Or are you the passionate bibliophile who collects, stores, restores and maintains a beloved collection of antique books?

The variations of types of collections are relentless, never ending and are as unique as each human being on this planet.

So now that I’ve sold my collection of vintage Aston Martin’s (ha ha), and reconnected with my inner child, I would like to share with you one little collection I have lovingly harvested during my early years as a single mother to my highly energetic and totally divine son.   He had a horrifying passion for McDonald’s and their Happy Meals.  He was obsessed with them, and  I was fascinated (not proud of this by the way!) by these little plastic bits of ‘junk’ which were in fact surprisingly well engineered in most cases.

Pinterest visual

But never fear.  They were not bound for the recycling depot like so many of their plastic counterparts.  Thanks to the glories of Pinterest with it’s never ending visual inspiration, I was totally inspired by a colour blocked bookshelf and saw the future for ‘my’ toys.

And so, I present to you my delicious colourblocked toy and book collection that I look at every day in my studio…a little shambolic, but displayed with so much love.

White: there’s nothing like Shaun the Sheep in amongst some rocking novels to lighten your day 🙂
Yellow: Hello Sunshine, my mum’s National Geographic’s, Pokemon and the king of humour …Sid from Ice Age!
Orangey Red: Puss in Boots from Shrek stands strong on some literary beauties.
Red: One of my diaries ,  ancient decorating tips and a very Angry Bird (rocking eyebrows!).
Pink: Okay, so this is obviously not a McDonald’s toy, but it’s an exquisite Malawian version. Thank you Buji & Java x
Light Blue: Happy Feet, a little blue kitty from some kiddies show and my desperate attempt to learn Italian.
Dark Blue: Lonely Planet travel guides abound with a flying UFO lighter symbolically in place.  I’m always ready to fly off!
Black:  The craziest collection of books honored by Angry Birds and Tank from Surf’s Up xxx

And with that literary colour blast I say “Ciao Ciao!” xxx

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