My Happy Place…

Have you ever had the fortunate opportunity to connect in with a place that makes you truly happy? A spot on earth that when you step onto it’s soil and breathe in the air you know you’re in the right place and joy just floods in?


When you’re in this happy place you do not need another soul around to keep you company and make the energy upbeat.  You do not need things to do, places to go, people to see.  You can just simply be there.


The sounds, the smells and what surrounds you fills every basic ‘spiritual’ need you have and your body, mind and soul shifts into a different gear.  You can feel your heart smile, your muscles relax and a quietness settle over you.

Yes.  I know all these things because I’ve been there.  My happy place and I have met.

It’s in the most unexpected place on this beautiful earth.  So unexpected you’re probably thinking “What’s up with this chick?”.



Okay okay… I’ll share my secret.   But only after some pics:


Angus (left) and Churchill (right) doing their sunset jetty strut.
Toes, Havaianas and some serious seagull guano that gives the jetty an interesting scent.
Salt marsh succulents.
Misty mornings looking out across the river.
Nature’s jewel collector.

Sooooo……have you guessed yet?

Okay, I’ll give you a clue:  it’s a funny little town up the West Coast from Cape Town and you have to cross a wide river to get there, plus there’s a salt factory just before the bridge and the distinct smell of dried Bokkoms (whole, salted, dried mullet fish).

Yes, you guessed it, it’s Veldrif.

An extraodinary little town that breaks all the rules of West Coast quaintness with an interesting shambles of differing architectural styles (my own opinion so I apologize if I offend anyone!).  If you go left after the bridge you head down to Laaiplek (the part of Veldrif at the mouth of the Berg River) and Port Owen (a beautiful marina and yacht club).  If you turn right over the bridge you can visit the superb little strip of quirky shops and restaurants at Bokkomlaan.

My favourite moment of the day is sunrise and sunset.  It is such a gift to witness the movement of seabirds doing their morning flight out to sea to feed, and then back again to roost for the night.  They follow the gleaming river as their guide, and this daily routine is a calming meditation all on it’s own.

Me, exploring the Veldrif salt marshes on a chilly autumn morning.

Birders, fishermen, photographers, botanists, beach-goers and city folk needing a place to take a breath and explore….this, my peeps, is a highly recommend spot.

Hey, it’s my happy place.  I mean, look at that smile!

Have a fab time xxx

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