First Timer…..

Well my beautiful peeps,  the time has come.

My fabulous and very talented friend Monique from Ebonymoon Studio  (genius goldsmith and creator of the copper straws that have taken the world by storm) has invited me to join an actual, proper, legit, “the real thing” art exhibition.  For me, as an emerging artist, it has to be said that it’s probably one of the most exciting moments that will probably ever happen in this “emergence” stage.

Ebonymoon bowls, spoons and coasters…just a taster for what you’ll see!

This fabulous exhibition is part of a 3 day Pure Porterville weekend where the whole town is opening their doors to welcome in visitors in true country style.  The town is coming alive with the Farmers Market, art exhibitions (of course!) in 10 individual studios showcasing art, sculpture, woodwork, ceramics, jewellery, mosaics, crafts etc .  There’ll be a parade on the Saturday, craft beer, delicious pizzas, a church bazaar, a mountain bike race, a fun run, a golfing day…….so much to do!

There will be so many things for you and your family to do ALL day, so why don’t you just find a place to stay and make a weekend of it?

Visit Porterville’s accomodation page and stay over so you can really relax into the country vibe.  Plus, if you’re interested to explore a little further and stay beyond the boundaries of Porterville, don’t forget about the gorgeous little town of Tulbagh.  I highly recommend self-catering accommodation at the beautiful Raptor Rise, my uncle and aunt’s farm, which is just a delight of a space at the foot of the Saronsberg mountains.  It’s about 50 minutes drive from Porterville, and the drive is gorgeous.

But I digress … most importantly:

Within the boundaries of the Ebonymoon studio the following fabulous creators will be exhibiting:

  • Monique Nienaber – jewellery, tableware and C-Straws
  • Clare Menck – painter
  • Arend Louw – painter
  • Carin Dorrington – ceramics sculptor
  • Kim Slater – painter
  • Artistry Gin

Dates & Times:         Friday 5th October 2018 –  14h00 to 18h00

Saturday 6th October 2018  –  09h00 to 18h00

Sunday 7th October 2018  –  09h00 to 14h00

Ebonymoon’s address:  19 Du Toit Street, Porterville

Porterville Map

I hope you can make it as it will be such a delight to see your smiley face walking through the door and coming to say “Hi”.

Connect onto the Facebook link below and let Porterville you know you’re coming.

See you there xxx

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Facebook link

P.S.  Artistry Gin is going to be having tastings  between 12-2pm at Ebonymoon at the same time…so don’t be scarce!


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