My Inner Artist breaks out…

painting the town

I love this photo!  It was taken in 2016 by my friend Colleen who I was going to partner with and do tours to local and overseas tourists.  We had avidly done everything we needed to do to become tourist guides:  completed our first aid course, attended weeks of daily classes, studied up a storm for our three-hour exam and we both passed with flying colours.  We diligently explored the Mother City on a weekly basis doing research and visiting gorgeous places.  The pic above was spontaneously taken in this cute little cafe in Salt River opposite the Biscuit Mill.

We were so happy.  It was like being intrepid travellers in our own city, and we were finding tucked away places just oozing with history and shining with the creativity that Cape Town is, and always has been, renowned for.

My heart was set on art tours and Col was keen to explore other avenues so we agreed to go our separate ways.  I researched artists, galleries and museums for months and bored my friends and family with my overly excited stories and plans, as well as everything I was learning in my research.  I was so driven to make sure that I had fabulous data and stories of Cape Town and it’s history that underpins our art and design world.

Reality then had a little nibble after I only did four tours, two focusing on  the Cape Peninsula as a whole and two focusing on art, architecture and design interwoven with the how’s, why’s and when’s. My experience as the hyper stressed tour operator and tourist guide planning loo breaks, lunches, drivers and hotel pick-ups for tourists while remembering every detail about Cape Town, it’s art, culture and historical past inspired my realisation.  I definitely did not want to be the tourist guide and most definitely wanted to be the artist creating beautiful work that could be in exhibitions one day.  I say that, but the tours I did I  totally loved and was on such a buzz while doing them, but at the end of the day I was so physically shattered that I doubted my ability to do it on a long term basis.

And of course, with that decision came such mind-talk (negative inner dialogue of gigantic proportions) which then poured in.  “Kim, you’re such a failure!  So anti-social!  You can never stick to anything. You’re such a flake!”  No my friends, I think not.  More like me finally finding the true essence of who I am deep inside this happy forty something year old body.

Smiling artist :)

So, like (possibly) millions of other creatives around the globe, I have happily declared myself an artist.  At the time it was a really strange feeling, because after almost my whole adult life where I had slipped into other moulds that were presented to me, I was now declaring myself the artist that was always happily skipping around inside of me … except maybe when I was 9 and dreamt of being a ball girl at Wimbledon.  I know, it sounds very out of character to those who know me, but it’s true!

The photo reflects the happy artist in me.  Body fully focused on the canvas, edges a bit blurry, but with a huge smile that can’t be missed due to the sheer joy of being involved in doing something I truly love.

And on that little note, I bid you adieu and move on to create another art piece that fills my heart with joy.

Love me, the artist xxx

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