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So as an artist (which I happily declared myself in my previous blog) there is always the question of what you want to create. And it doesn’t just stop there. More questions: how do you want to create it, on what do you want to create it, with what and why? A list of very important questions which are vital to the final outcome of each and every artwork.

Then once you have created your masterpiece, and in some cases it can result in an ‘un-masterpiece’ (which is apparently a very necessary part of the experience, but difficult to accept when enormous amounts of time have been invested, and I’m speaking from personal experience) then the question is how to get it out there; how to show people what you’ve created.

My personality is 50% introvert, 50% extrovert which means I can ‘dance my socks off’ at a party but won’t be the life and soul of the party. I’m quite happy to sit by myself and people watch for hours. I’m not competitive, and am quite happy to be the last person in any race on foot, in a river kayak or scaling a mountain. So count me out of the Duzi Canoe Marathon, the Two Oceans Marathon and winning the Argus Cycle Tour. Fact: in 2009, while cycling my first and last cycle race of 109 km, I spent much time revelling in the extraordinary landscape, getting tearful over the incredibly dedicated supporters shouting “You can do it” from the sidelines and taking photo’s. But, and it’s a big but, there is always an inner yearning to be creative that burns vibrantly in me, an undeniable love of creating something that inspires my brain and hands to work together in harmony.

Today, I have decide that the 50% artist introvert in me is now on the dance floor. I’m taking the opportunity on this beautiful autumn day in Cape Town to move away from the people watching and to do some crazy moves. I am choosing to put my available art out there and do a focused marketing move, which for someone like me is basically doing Jennifer Lopez twirking on stage when my instinct is to be a sunbeam in the support dance group!

So with a deep breath, I present to you the artworks that are available for sale. All details regarding materials, size and price is included below each visual. Enjoy the dance!


Silvermine Intertwine 11 (2018) – Acrylic on canvas – size: 1 x 1.2 metres
ZAR 9 750.00

Silvermine Intertwine Section A (2018) – Acrylic on canvas – size: 500 x 197 mm
ZAR 2 500.00
Falling Stars red line (2018) – Acrylic on canvas – size: 500 x 200mm
ZAR 2 500.00
Falling Stars white line (2018) – Acrylic on canvas – size: 500 x 200mm
ZAR 2 500.00
Cosmic Sunbird Story (2017) – Oil on canvas – 820mm diam.
ZAR 9 750.00

And that’s it for now. So if you’re interested, please email me on:

With love and gratitude xxx

1 thought on “Artworks for you…”

  1. Oh Kim, your work is truly amazing. Both Carlos and I are so pleased you *decided to dance*
    Your sure have exceptional talent and some.
    Go Girl and many many Congrats on taking this very bold step.
    Love you lots❤️

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