Bryophytes baby!

I hear a chorus of voices saying “Bryo-what?” and just over a year ago I would have been saying the same thing, but a glorious stroll along the side of a mountain side near the Lesotho border on a cold winter’s day in 2018 resulted in a chance connection with the most gorgeous natural green velvet I’d ever seen.

I was in love. Close family and friends know this can happen easily for me. Just show me anything beautiful and I’m in love and will bring it up in any conversation. For example:

  • My first experience of Netflix in February 2019 (while staying in an Airbnb…I conciously haven’t signed up to Netflix yet) and I binge watched the whole BBC “Our Planet” doccie created by the BBC and narrated by David Attenborough. Oh my! Those images and David’s beautiful voice eloquently narrating the reality of the beauties of nature which we don’t get to see daily are a combination that inspires love, joy and true wonder. No wonder there’s a movement called the ‘Attenborough Effect’. The man is a gift to our world.
  • A sip of the most perfectly curated gin and tonic from a beautiful glass decorated with garnishes that assault the senses (all 7 of them!) and I can’t help but sigh and feel the love. Step aside wine. Gin it is. So much so, that I decided I wanted to create my own. And I have. Meet Artistry Gin.
  • Sitting at the Aquarium on Kelp Night listening to incredibly talented people who have immersed their lives in an intimate relationship with the sea, and I’m inspired and off to buy a wetsuit and throw myself into our freezing Cape Town sea with my mask, snorkle and fins my mom bought me in the 1990’s.

So you get the picture.

And that’s what had to be created when I met this beautiful mountainside moss a.k.a Bryophyte. And so, on that note, I introduce to you one of my latest artworks.

Lundean’s Nek 2019 – Acrylic on canvas – two x 300x300mm

Adios beauties xxx

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