Social Isolation + Lock Down Creativity Tip # 1

Interesting but very serious times we are in.

The Covid-19 virus has hit most countries around the world and is affecting the human race in a seriously big way. The fear of death is inspiring the most extraodinary responses in a way I have never seen in my 48 (ish) year old lifetime.

At this moment in time, South Africa is preparing itself for a 21 day lock down as of midnight Thursday 26th March 2020. Unless you have been given a thumbs up from the President to continue with your work as normal (refer to list on eNCA), you will either be working/studying from or milling around at home for 21 days.

Possibly, you’ve already been practising social isolation as requested by the President on Sunday the 15th March 2020. That means by the time the 16th of April arrives (the proposed end of the lock down) you will have been looking at the inside of your home (in whatever form it may be) for just over a month. I say that, but as we are seeing in other countries, this may just be the beginning if we don’t take this seriously and all comply.

On a more optimistic note, the beauty and magnificence of human beings is their ability to be creative thinkers, and at this time of this global pandemic we are rising up. Already thousands of ‘out of the normal box’ ideas are quickly filtering through social media, radio and television with offers and explanations on how to help each other, free classes, extraordinary generosity and kindness. Beautiful. This is mindfulness, compassion and empathy on steroids.

Today, my moment of inspiration is to encourage you to look for opportunities to connect with colour within your home.

We know colour effects our mood dramatically based on huge amounts of research that has been done over the years. Do you have a favourite colour. . . . a favourite colour you love to wear or surround yourself with? Have a look at this colour wheel for some inspiration if you’re stuck.

This is my mouse pad that sits next to my laptop…….just one glance at it inspires deep breaths of joy.
Don’t you agree?
This beautiful creation is by Elsje Designs
Have a look at Elsje’s website for more of her exquisite products…..

Is there a colour on this beautiful colour wheel that resonates for you and makes your heart skip a beat because it’s so yummy?

There most definitely will be one, unless you’re colour blind or are really not that into colour. So here we go:

Tip # 1: Colour Blocking

What is colour blocking? This concept is basically about grouping items of a similar colour together. It’s a simple process and very soothing to the eye.

To get you started just a couple of ideas of areas to colour-block:


Colour blocked bookshelf in my studio.

This process is so theraputic!
You get to remove all your dusty books off your bookshelf and lovingly clean them one by one.

You also have an opportunity to check in and see if you still want the books! At the same time you can create an area for the charity books…..imagine the phenominal car-boot sales we’re going to have when this is all over!

As you can see the final results are beautiful! Have a look on Pinterest for more ideas.

Nothing like a collection of National Geographics and yellow plastic toys to send mixed messages :)

Another great idea is to include other items of the same colour on your bookshelf.

Do you have a collection of random goodies that can join your books?

My mum and I started learning Italian together.  The Italian dictionery is not on the shelf cause I can speak fluent Italian.....I was so bad at it, I shelved it!

It’s said that bookshelves are a true reflection of a person’s character. . . .


You may think I’ve gone slightly nuts here. . . . and no, I’m not suffering from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), but I have found that this system of sorting my clothes out has made choosing daily outfits SO much easier.

I don’t wear a uniform for work, and haven’t done since in my mid 20’s when I mopped floors and cleared tables at Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London. This means I have the relentless daily task of combining my clothes and accessories everyday, 365 days a year. For some it can be a daily dread, but I don’t feel that. Colour blocking has made this task easy easy peasy.

I must just say, with love in my heart, that this is NOT my wardrobe (with all respect to some of the greatest designers in the world. . . . I just don’t buy their product), BUT it gives you a very clear idea of the colour blocking clothing concept I’m talking about.

All the colours are grouped together. Black, white, blue, denim, grey, reds, greens and on it goes. You can do the same with your accessories and hand bags.

Again, Pinterest is a wonderful visual platform for researching great ideas of how to sort your cupboard out.

Start with removing everything from your cupboard, and slowly put them back in colour order. Again, at the same time take a long, hard look at what you really want to put back.

That charity box is going to be overflowing!!!

Add this to your list of fabulous things to do while you’re at home and you won’t get bored, anxious or depressed.

So, that’s it for now.

Keep well and safe my fellow humans. May you be strong through this historic experience.

With love and respect

Kim a.k.a. Colour Lover xxx

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