Social Distancing & Lockdown Creativity Tip #2

Hello World!

Welcome to my Creativity Tip #2 where I don’t have a creative tip for you. 🙂

I’ve been inspired to write today, which by the way, is very ‘unbloggery’ (possibly a new word!) of me according to the bloggers and social media experts out there.

Apparently, I’m supposed to have a daily, weekly, monthly social media schedule where I “catch” my target market’s eye with spellbinding words and visuals that are going to inspire them to follow me on every social media platform that I enthusiasticly publicize myself on in all forms.

Big breath! Very long sentence! And that’s how it feels.

Big demands. Big expectations. BIG! BIG! BIG!

But today I’m feeling small. I want to jump off the constant buzzy, relentless doughnut of doing and just be in the calm honey pot of being.

My wonderful sister shared a saying with me yesterday that she had learnt from a teacher a few years ago.

“We are human beings not human doings…”

Is that profound or what!?!

Are you the little bee from the pic above that is (even during lockdown) demanding that you do, do, do because you have so much more time now than you usually do? Are you still buzzing all over the place ticking off those lists of things that you must do?

Well, I am with you!

I started lockdown with a llll-ooo-nnn-ggg list of things I ‘HAD’ to get done while ‘sitting’ around at home. No sitting around here baby!!!!

Busy, buzzy bee!

Ironically, in South Africa, today is a public (bank) holiday called Freedom Day. Today, as South Africans, we are celebrating (still respecting lockdown of course) and commemorating the first non-racial National elections in 1994 where all South Africans could vote, no matter what race you were. Even foreigners who had a permanent residence in the country could vote. I remember the day clearly. It had an energy about it that was awe inspiring.

So with freedom, comes choice, and right now I encourage you to stop the doing for the moment and choose to be.

In the stillness there is a connecting to yourself, to nature, to life. It takes practice to stop, so don’t give up after one attempt. We are so mechanical in our daily behaviour that the stopping, the stillness is an unknown in many human doing’s lives.

So happy being, beautiful people.

with love

Kimbo xxx

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