Arty Squeeks…

I can almost hear the inner workings of your brain thinking, “What could she possibly mean when she calls her blog ‘Arty Squeeks’?”

I know. It’s sounds ridiculous, but that is the only way I can describe the uncontrollable sounds that came out of my mouth on that morning as I walked out of the most magnificent art museum we have in the Mother City a.k.a. Cape Town.

Just to put you in the picture, I had just dropped off my 2 x 1 metre canvas at the Zeitz MOCAA for the “Home is where the art is” exhibition that opened on the 22nd October 2020. To be exhibiting in the Zeitz MOCAA resulted in my normal state of self control dissolving!

The Zeitz in all her glory. Photo credit: Kerry Schoeman

The invitation was extended to all Capetonians, and even anyone living in Cape Town could submit an artwork of their choice. No screening, no having to be top of the pops in the art scene (which, after some observation, I have come to the conclusion is nearing the complexities of politics). Every Capetonian could exhibit their own artwork or someone else’s.  An extremely clever and relevant exhibition concept for a mid Covid art experience.

The mix of people standing in the socially distanced queue to deliver their art over a 3 day period: proud parents dropping off their gorgeous children’s delightful artworks, grandchildren dropping off their precious grandparent’s exquisite yet unseen creations, superbly talented amateur artists who express themselves on the weekends or in between that dry corporate job they deal with daily, obsessed doodlers, passionate arts & crafters, ceramicists, sculptors, designers, conceptual artists, sewing geniuses, and seriously professional artists who create artworks in what ever form for a micro or macro living.

No one was excluded. You just had to get your act together. Fill in a form online and then drop the artwork off by a certain date.

I must say, when I arrived at that magnificent creation of architecture that is the Zeitz MOCAA, the ZM team made me feel like a famous artist. Such a show of true humanity; embracing all of us and the creative spirit that shines in each human, whether brightly or not, as the light of creativity is yet to be discovered.

My red carpet moment!

Photo credit: Kerry Schoeman

That ZM team are professionals. Incredible sparkly people, that not only have finely tuned people skills, but when I did eventually go to see the exhibition I was blown away. This talented group of fabulous humans ALSO curated a seemingly never-ending plethora of artworks into a singular artwork that shone, ebbed and flowed like Mother Nature’s seasons. As you walk from room to room the different works grouped together challenge your brain to take in the magnificence of each piece. Such diversity, such personality, such love.

Ah….deep breath. My heart swells in awe just at the memory!

And if that’s how I’m feeling, then you must know that there are tens of thousands of people wanting to see this work! So, cleverly, the ZM team chose to extend the dates to allow for everyone who wants to the see the exhibition but are limited by Covid protocols.

The exhibition is now on until the 24th October 2021, so please, if you haven’t yet….GO!

Important tip beautiful people:

buy a member’s ticket!!! trust me, you’re going to go a few times to truly absorb the visual luxury of creativity expressed by over 2000 humans who have been inspired by life and expressed it in their own unique way.

And just in case you don’t manage to get there because it’s just too far out of your way….here’s my artwork that is on display and very much available to buy if you want it in your space. Call me xxx

“Fynbos Murmuration” Oil & gold leaf on canvas size: 2 x 1 metre

P.S Plus here is my fabulous ‘wing woman’, who (it has to be said) is my greatest fan and was on site that early, drop off morning to record the experience….introducing (drum roll…..) my awesome sister Kerry Schoeman!


Sisters sans masks for a selfie xxx


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  1. Well done Kimbo! Such a beautiful piece and I can’t wait to go back and see more of what the Zeits has to offer. There was just SO much to see and more visits are definitely the way to go. Can’t wait 🙂 xxx

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