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How it all began: In January 2018 I was on a family holiday in Stillbaai, a cute little coastal town just a few hours out of Cape Town.  Just down the road from our accommodation was the famous Inverroche Gin distillery, and while partaking in their totally amazing (TOTALLY amazing!) gin tasting session I was delighted to find out they offered gin school.

I was breathless with excitement, and to make it a million times better we had the founder of Inverocche, Lorna Scott, teach us the basics.

Wow, what an incredible woman with such a beautiful way of teaching and I was in awe of what Lorna, her family and dedicated staff had created, not only in their totally incredible gin, but their new distillery.  A really beautifully decorated bliss space.

I left inspired.  Eyes shining from the experience with my own little bottle of gin tucked under my arm.   

With a love for art, creativity, Mother Nature, exploring and gin, the artist in me was inspired by the serendipitous experience at Inverocche, and thus the journey to continue creating with an incredible new medium began.

Time has passed and with the support of precious family members, a highly talented graphic designer and many, many hours in front of my little (and I mean little!) pot still, Artistry Gin has become a reality.

I play using plants and fynbos harvested from a high altitude region in the Eastern Cape, South Africa and then combine with Cape botanicals, and of course, the very important and essential juniper berries.

Small micro batches are created using Table Mountain spring water which result in a bevy of fresh, crisp and unique flavours reminiscent of invigorating walks through the indigenous fynbos in the Cape.

The original gin flavours I created have been in honour of the artistry which runs strong and true throughout my family, and inspired by much loved individuals who have been a vital part of my life journey.

As a result of this connection, my original micro batches are part of what I call “The Family Collection”.

I look forward to the day when I can curate a gorgeous gin cocktail for you.

Love Kim

Artist & Creator of Artistry Gin xxx

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