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A happy creative.... mad for my incredible child, family, friends, art, design, colour, travelling, plants and creating beautiful conscious spaces!


Last year I had the craziest experience! I fell in love with a 93 year old man! I’d been renting out an Airbnb in Cape Town that had Netflix, which resulted in me binge watching the entire season of Blue Planet 11 narrated by Sir David Attenborough, the world’s most well known naturalist and enviromentalist. …

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Why me?

In every person’s life, at some stage or another (most probably), there will be a moment when you say or think the words “Why me?”. When saying “Why me?” out loud there is often an intense physicality: arms reaching out with palms facing upwards and fingers splayed apart, head and eyes slightly tilted to the …

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Bryophytes baby!

I hear a chorus of voices saying “Bryo-what?” and just over a year ago I would have been saying the same thing, but a glorious stroll along the side of a mountain side near the Lesotho border on a cold winter’s day in 2018 resulted in a chance connection with the most gorgeous natural green …

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