Beth McAlpine Art

Beth McAlpine Art

Beth McAlpine is an extremely talented artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa who came to me for support just before her solo exhibition in November 2019.

I created Beth’s website for her in time for the exhibition’s opening night.

Beth is proficient at webdesign on WordPress so is able to do updates and changes when needed.

Words from Beth:

“Kim created a beautiful art website for me in 2019.

As an artist, it has all the flavour of what artists are about!

She put a lot of thought into creating, together with me, what I would like. She also went the extra mile  to find out what hosting package I had and worked with them to ensure I didn’t have to manage that process. 

The process was a strong mix of both beautiful creativity – including writing some extra content – and technical expertise – both of which I appreciated greatly.  She is a careful, considered, creative and deeply respectful person. I never felt pushed into a direction I did not like. “