My life’s toolkit is a wonderful combination of creativity, art, design and people skills. This has led me to a place where, together with the beauty of technology, I have had the opportunity to create websites and give design support to amazing people.

I have partnered with small business owners who are in need of time…time to focus on their own clients, businesses and creations.

I offer various design services that support my clients with their brand communications, from logo design, website design (WordPress & Shopify) and newsletter creation.

Each client is unique; brings their own gifts and talents and deserves to have their brand communicate that clearly.

Clients…past & present:

mandy antzoylatos

Professional coach, facilitator and diversity & inclusion practitioner (Cape Town, South Africa).


Artist & Printmaker (Johannesburg, South Africa)

lindsay rodgers

Massage Therapist (Aberystwyth, Wales)

Fun logo’s: