Art has always been a part of my life.  

The memories are vivid…vibrant tubes of paints either bright and new, or completely squeezed out to get every precious drop of paint out the tube, watercolour paper which was treated like royalty, paint brushes of all sizes and shapes, my mum quietly and consciously sharpening pencil crayons with a Stanley knife, daily routines of stretching paper and cleaning up.

In 2016, I reached a point where I truly felt that as an emerging artist I really needed to jump out of the box and explore my own artist’s identity.  With the incredible guidance of Ilhaam Berhardien (now Stoloff), a passionate artist and teacher who, with decades of teaching experience in art and design institutions in Cape Town, flipped my switch and my exploration began.

My instinctual subject matter is the result of a love + love relationship that I have with plants. My studio is close to magnificent locations like  Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens as well as  Silvermine Nature Reserve where I can find the most wonderful reference for my paintings.

I am also a free diver and find the underwater world truly inspiring for colour, movement and texture.

Click on the circles below to explore my training phase and my DDD’s (Daily Detox Doodles) where my inner child has a ball….xxx

“Nothing matters as much as being free when you’re creating….”

Jose Trujillo, Abstract Impressionist Painter


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