My Story

I was born into an incredibly talented, creative family in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

We have a long history of artists, musicians, carpenters and writers creating the diverse collective that is our family tree. 

A painting done by my mum of my dad in the early 70’s. I treasure this artwork which truly reflects the essence of both my parents and the colour’s of the 70’s.

This inherited creativity naturally spilt over into my world and all my choices throughout my life journey have in some way or another been connected to art, design, décor, texture and colour.

Once school and my graphic design training were complete I ventured out into the world to explore new territories and can happily add travel onto my list of things I love in this world. 

Once I returned home to South Africa, I relocated to Cape Town and in 1998 joined our family business which my parents had started when I was a child called Creative Stationery (now known as S.A. Greetings Pty Ltd.).  Here my international work experience and graphic design skills were utilised, and over the next 10 years I expanded my skills in various areas and eventually became the Brand Manager and Buyer for the Entertainers division which focused on Party & Tableware products.

In 2008, after 10 years in the corporate world, I left to explore design in a different sector. I had studying Interior Decorating and 2D AutoCad at BHC School of Design and subsequently joined an Italian Kitchen design company called Assirelli Italian Design where my love for 3D form, colour and display could develop further.  Thanks to this experience, I learnt a lot about quality control and the technical aspects of joinery.

After a few years in the exciting buzz of the kitchen industry, I decided to make  Kim Slater Designs a reality and immersed myself in various projects involving interior decorating, furniture design, kitchen & cupboard design, trade show concepts & layouts and sales & research for a German Tableware company called Paper + Design.

During this time, I extended my creative stretch and created a mini range of scatter cushions (inspired by an unexpected encounter with Archbishop Desmond Tutu), learnt how to oil paint, became a registered Tourist Guide for the Cape Town area, learnt how to make gin by the revered Lorna Scott from Inverroche and successfully manage a beautiful garden cottage on Airbnb.

Wow! So many incredible experiences! I’m so grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way supporting me to grow and transform into who I am today.

Multi-potentialism at it’s best!

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