Kehiloe Ntsekhe

Kehiloe ntsekhe
Psychologist, Certified Mindfulness Practitioner,
Diversity & Inclusion Facilitator, Anti-Racism Educator.

Kehiloe came to me with a request for a logo and website design during lockdown in 2020. She didn’t have either, but wanted to take a stand in the online arena with a new ‘face’ to her brand identity.

Thanks to online meetings being our new reality, we successfully spoke through what she needed, why, where and how. I concluded that a conscious, calm, powerful website with a minimalist style would be ideal to reflect her, and the incredibly important work that she is involved with on a daily basis.

The simplicity and minimalist style carried over into Kehiloe’s logo. She decided upon using her name as her brand, and I created a clean, uncomplicated logo with no hard lines or sharp corners.

My meetings with Kehiloe were held online from the beginning to the end of this project…a very relevant experience, and a testimony that online really can work.

I recommended Marike Herselman Photography for the bio pics of Kehiloe. These were a great success and the final two pics we selected to incorporate into the website are a beautiful reflection of Kehiloe’s personality and what she brings to her work.

Lisa Bell from The Word Architect, was involved with the revamp of Kehiloe’s Linkedin profile.


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